Management of patients with hiv infection and aids

Case Study, Chapter 37, Management of Patients With HIV Infection and AIDS

1. The nurse is planning to provide education on HIV infection transmission and prevention strategies at a local senior center. (Learning Objectives 1 and 4)

  1. What should the nurse include in the session considering the needs of the older population?

2. Sallie Jefferies, 28-year-old patient, is at the obstetric clinic for a pregnancy visit. The physician informs the patient that her HIV screen test is positive. The patient has no evidence of AIDS. The nurse provides patient education regarding what HIV is and what the clinical management entails. (Learning Objective 5)

a. What clinical management is recommended for the patient during the pregnancy to help decrease the risk of transmitting HIV to the unborn child?

  1. The patient asks the nurse how zidovudine (Retrovir) will help her unborn child from getting HIV. How should the nurse respond?
  2. What explanation about Retrovir should the nurse provide?
  3. The patient asks the nurse if it will be safe to breast-feed her infant after the delivery. The nurse should provide what explanation?
  4. The patient asks the nurse what testing schedule for the HIV antibody is needed after her baby is born. How should the nurse respond?