Literature review on mental health and the life satisfaction of women

This is a Ph.D. program Master’s project. This project does not involve the use of any human participants. It is an in-depth review of the literature vis-à-vis arranged marriages. The following is what I am proposing to do: “It will not involve reviewing the primarily western culture of love marriages versus the primarily non-western culture of arranged marriages. The primary goal of this project is to review the research literature in relation to mental health and the life satisfaction of women who are in arranged marriages. This will include investigating parental pressure, cultural pressure, SES, suitable mates, marital satisfaction, marital adjustment, marital happiness, personal happiness, trust, loyalty, and their personal beliefs, feelings thoughts about being in an arranged marriage, along with reviewing other factors in regard to marriage (arrange them in subtopics with multiple  authors being used for every topic). I am hoping that this expanded literature review will be a substantive part of my qualitative research dissertation; wherein, I am expecting to thoroughly interview and study a small number of subjects. I am hoping to identify the “essence” concerning the phenomenon of arranged marriages. I am envisioning that the title will be Women in Arranged Marriages: A Phenomenological Study.” There is an outline that I will upload as a guide, and also a personal statement that provides an impetus for the study. Also, I am looking for a writer who I can have for continuity of writing style for Fall 2021. This lit review will eventually be part of my dissertation. Follow the outline and you can use and improve my attached intro.