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(1) Linked Out_Vignette Summary

One of the research associates at the team’s company tells the Chief Engineer that he has significant information about the R&D plans of the company’s rival. The engineer soon finds out the research associate had been pushing phony materials data to the rival in order to throw them off track. The ethical dilemma erupts when the associate mentions that he was asked to help the competitor because of the credentials he used to describe himself in his LinkedIn profile, wherein he misrepresented himself as still doing research at a university.

(2) Write a 2-page, double spaced response to explain which option you will choose and why.

(3)  I use the following Ethics Rubric to grade this assignment.

Ethics Evaluation Rubric

Ethical Awareness Learning Objective —Students will develop an understanding of ethical issues that affect organizations along with an awareness of various stakeholders affected by the organization’s activities. 

Exploration of Problem and Perspectives

Exceeds Expectations (4)

Meets Expectations (3)

Marginally Meets Expectations (2)

Does Not Meet Expectations (1)

Student identifies the problem(s) or issue(s)

Student identifies stakeholders and their interests or perspectives

Student distinguishes among organization’s stated or inferred mission, vision, and/or values

Student Identifies Conflicts or Differences:

a)   Individual v. Organization v. Society

     b)   Legal v. Ethical

     c)  Short-Term v. Long-Term

     d)  Ethically Universal v. Culturally Relative

Ethical Decision-Making

Student applies a decision-making process or

ethical framework

Student defines meaningful alternatives

Student determines action or takes a considered position

Student evaluates possible results or consequences

Overall Evaluation: