Learning journal: skills for success | ENC1101-20211-1V-B-065 English Composition I | Indian River State College

 Assignment: Your Learning Journal should be a substantial and thoughtful response to the prompt in roughly 150 to 200 words. Your ideas should be presented in a logical order. Although somewhat less formal than essays or other course writing assignments, learning journal entries should still construct a coherent narrative, use complete sentences, be grammatically correct, and be scholarly in tone. To complete this assignment 1. Create an MLA formatted document. 2. Draft your response. 3. Edit and revise. 4. Create a relevant and interesting title for your work. 5. Save file using a clear descriptor for file name. 6. Submit Learning Journal as file attachment. Prompt: Now that you have reviewed course content in this module, identify and explain two strategies you will need to apply in order to succeed in ENC1101.