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Complete the following tasks for an online hotel reservation system:
  • Task 1: Write relevant JSP code to generate a registration page for an online hotel reservation system. Your registration page may include different interface components (text fields, text areas, list boxes, radio buttons, buttons, etc.). You may take all typical information needed for a hotel registration as an input from the customer, e.g. customer no (if any), first name, family name, address (may use multiple lines to take details), telephone, sex, date/duration of stay etc.
  • Task 2: Write a Java Servlet to validate the data submitted through the above registration page. If the required fields are empty relevant error messages should be displayed on the same registration page.
  • Task 3: If the form is complete the Java Servlet should send a redirect to a JSP page that confirms the registration of the customer.

This assignment is designed to ensure that students have setup the software correctly on their own computer. This assignment would ensure students’ completion of topics Introduction to serverside applications, Web forms and CGI, Java Servlets, Session management etc. Moreover this assessment would achieve following learning objectives:
  • be able to define a web based information system (WBIS) and differentiate between such systems and conventional web sites;
  • be able to design a small WBIS using elements from the disciplines of web design, database design, software engineering and object modelling;
  • be able to develop a small WBIS using HTML forms, Java Servlets and cookies;

Marking criteria


Full Marks
CR (PS requirement +)
DI (CR requirement +)
HD (DI requirement +)
Presentation (submission of the report)
Very basic presentation (no source code or screen shots were included) Only report (with screen shots) is present but no source code was submitted Report and source code both are submitted as required The presentation includes all requirements and is easy to read and understand
Few basic information about the user/guest were taken using simple objects such as ‘text box’ Various objects such as list box, combo box etc. are used to take inputs All typical fields/information of the user are taken as input Sensible objects are used to take input for an item. E.g. a list box is not used to take the input of a customer’s first name.
There are some errors in validation process. E.g. the system accepting some compulsory field being empty or accepting 13 as the value of month etc. Only few fields are validated correctly Most fields are validated correctly and error message is displayed to the user All fields are validated correctly and error message with suggestions are displayed to the user
Confirmation of registration
A simple confirmation is displayed on the same page Confirmation is displayed and redirected to the JSP page Entered inputs are displayed and reconfirmed to the customer User is confirmed and asked if he is interested to edit any field. If yes then it gives the opportunity to edit that field



The report should be submitted in Word or PDF format. It should explain how to operate your developed system and include any settings needed to make the system operable. An adequate number of output screen shots should be included in case the assignment marker fails to run your program because of any system conflicts. The screenshots should show how the program worked on your machine/environment.
Source code and other files
All source codes and other relevant files must be zipped in a folder so that, unzipping will keep the file/folder structure unaffected.


Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment.

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