It214 4 | Computer Science homework help

Question 1


You are the Primary Programmer on a new project for your company. The helpdesk reports that the program exits prematurely. The help desk attributes the crash to users deleting the file “myfile.txt” from the desktop. Write a Python program module using the try: exception: statement to capture this error and instruct the users the file does not exist. Always thank the users for using the program. Include the helpdesk phone number (888) 555.1515 in your message.

Question 2


Upload your answer to this question. NOTE: Your answer must be a Python program.

Write a python program, using dictionary, to print the following list:

PRODUCT              PRICE                QUANTITY  

Banana                     3.24                     10

Mango                       1.10                      3

Guava                        2.13                      5

Orange                       4.56                     1

Peach                         2.33                      1

Question 3

Write the pseudocode to convert feet to meters then to kilometers.

Your code should not exceed 50 lines.