Ios discussion response | Computer Science homework help

Respond with 150 words or more with your opinion about the post below pertaining to your views on the IOS operating system.


It’s  Simple! IOS has the simplest User interface among all the other  interfaces out there and there isn’t much learning required when you  switch from one device to another. All iOS devices more or less work the  same way and have the same interface. there was only one major change  to the interface when they got rid of the home button. All devices  before the iPhone x pretty much work the same way and the interface  looks the same too. After the introduction of the iPhone x things,  haven’t changed much either. Everything looks the same up to iPhone 12  pro max which is the latest model out there. For all the developers out  there. iOS devices do not vary much in size, unlike android devices. so  it’s easier to make iOS compatible apps compared to the huge range of  Android devices that come in different sizes and screen types.

Gaming on iOS devices is far superior to gaming on Android devices.  Although the new android devices offer 90fps while iOS devices are still  limited to 60fps, an iOS device hardly ever drops fps. the touch  response and zero lag along with the awesome gyro sensors make the ios  Devices superior to other options. Multitasking on iOS devices is far  easier compared to other options in the market. The camera on iOS  devices is really good and the AI and AR implementation do wonder. some  apps use cameras that can assist you in measuring and calculating.