Introduce personal information in java (programing)




 introduce personal information in java


For this assignment you will design two classes that work together to introduce personal information.




The first file ( for example:


The file should have the following methods:


setName . The method should set name.


getName. The method should get name.


setCredits. The method should set two semester credits


getTotalCredits. The method should return the total credits of the two semester.


isIdEven. This method should return the boolean value true if the number is an even number.


the second file(for example:


This file should demonstrate the personal information as following:


1.Create an array which contains your current courses in Fall, 2015 and display each array element.


2.Set your real name to the method defined in the first file


3.Set your 2 real credits of fall, 2015 and Spring 2015 to the method defined in the first class ( for example, you have 13 credits for fall, 2015 and 15 credits for the spring,2015)


4.Check your real id number whether it is an even number.