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INSTRUCTIONS NOT FOLLOWED:I will not keep requesting a revision. Below is the formart you should follow
Statement of the Research Problem: Describe the problem as visualized by the authors, the motivation for researching the problem, and the importance of the topic to the profession.
Description of the Research Procedures and Data Analysis : What is the overall research method used by the researchers? Is a research model proposed? Are there any flaws in the research design? Provide a brief summary of the data analysis in your own words.
Conclusions: Are the conclusions justified given the research design adopted and research procedures followed? Have the limitations been correctly recognized and addressed? Assess the soundness of the implications (as described by the authors) of this research for research and practice. Etc..
Summary- Your overall critique based on your understanding of the research: A concise summary of the research critique. Examples- What is your overall critique of the article(s)? What interventions or programs are best for your target populations to address drug use and abuse? (you are not limited to these questions)
Reference: Be sure to cite the article, using APA style of citation, in the Bibliography.

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