instructions for case study-cellular respiration this is one case

Instructions for Case Study-Cellular Respiration
This is ONE case study is composed of four (4) parts.
Tell the story; in a 250-350 words summary/paragraph (all four parts combined),
communicate what you have learned about this case. Concentrate on the important parts,
the concept. Do not assume that the reader knows anything about the case study,
Five points (5 pt.) will be subtracted for every 1-50 point(s) that you go over or under the
allowed number of words.
Your case study will automatically be submitted to (a plagiarism
prevention site). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT. High percentages on
the similarity repo ( 10 % and greater) might be considered plagiarism and can result in a
grade of zero (0). For information on plagiarism and citation go to and
. Write in narrative/essay format.
. Always define the concept discussed.
Do not use quotes.

Turn in one page; single-spaced (Microsoft Word file).

Use at least two additional references (three total- the handout is one) and list
them at the end of your summary. Use an acceptable format, e.g., MLA or APA
style. The references are NOT part of the 250-350 words. Eight (8) points (see
rubric) will be subtracted if you do not have references or use any of the sources
listed below.
Do not use sources such as Wikipedia,, online dictionaries, and
encyclopedia. Do NOT use my PowerPoint slides.
Do not include sources (references) within the body of your summary (no in-text
• Do not use presentations (Prezi) from the internet (they are summaries of the
handout). Do NOT use Course Hero as a source.
• Use a Spell Checker (Microsoft Word) and Grammarly to check for grammar,
punctuation, etc. See “How to Sign Up for Grammarly in the Case Study #2 –
Cellular Respiration folder in iCollege, Unit 7. Points will be subtracted for
Grammarly scores below 90. Failure to check your spelling and grammar can cause
you up to 12 points.
. Submit a Microsoft Word file in iCollege; in the Dropbox in Unit 7, Case Study #12 –
Cellular Respiration, or click on Assessments on the navigation bar, followed by
Assignments, then Case Study #2-Cellular Respiration.
. Turn in by 11:59 pm on Monday, March 21, 2022.
Late submission will result in a grade of zero (0).