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Reflecting on the development of a ClassDojo multimedia presentation for course project, complete the spreadsheet template below. The template requires you to tally how often you addressed each of the areas of social change (scholarship, systemic thinking, reflection, practice, collaboration, advocacy, civic engagement, and human ethics) within your presentation.

Using the spreadsheet data, create a web map to illustrate the extent to which you have addressed those social change areas, similar to the ones in the Callahan article. In particular, you will analyze the areas of social change unique to the diffusion of innovations in the workplace for the innovation you are using for your multimedia project.

Post your web map and one paragraph summarizing your findings and approach to social change. Analyze the eight areas of social change related to the diffusion of innovations in the workplace and take a position as to which one area of social change had the greatest impact on the diffusion of innovations process for your workplace innovation. Substantiate your position with one example.

Diffusion of ClassDojo


# of times you addressed   each of the areas of social change in your multimedia presentation



Systemic Thinking





Civic Engagement

Human Ethics


(Use AutoSum feature to calculate overall total of social change   in your multimedia presentation