Infosys case | Human Resource Management homework help

Read”  “Infosys:  Mission-led and principal driven, “Daniels, Radebaugh & Sullivan pp. 645-649.  Answer the following questions based on chapter 16 reading:


– how might Infosys sustain its founding values as it grows and globalizes”

– What organizational problems do you think will prove troublesome in Infosys? How would you use the strengths of the current organization to manage them?

– Think of Infosys’s belief that employees should understand “algorithmic thinking”.  How would you manage people, set systems, and promote a corporate culture to attain this goal?

-Given what you read in the case study, do you think you would like to work for Infosys?  Why or why not?


Double space APA style, using citations from this publication primarily, but other scholarly references should it add merti.