I’m trying to study for my writing course and i need some help to

 I’m trying to study for my Writing course and I need some help to understand this question.YOU ARE DOING ONLY THE MS WORD PART.. STUDENT ATAJIFANYIA POWERPOINT 

Hey, I attached the rubric and essay prompt information in this email. The essay is the only part that I need for this assignment (there is a step one and two mentioned on this that does not need to be completed). The topic that I chose in regards to the question asking which part of the American political system needs to be reformed was the electoral college. I basically felt that the electoral college does not support the democratic characteristics of the United States. The paper needs to be 6 pages, the 7-10 mentioned on the rubric is an error. If you have any other questions at all just let me know!

Requirements: 6pages minimum

once again check on grammar .. please proofread your work