Illness powerpoint assignment | Psychology homework help

 For your illness-specific presentation assignment you are to select a specific chronic illness/disorder wherein pain is an important component of the disease (i.e., sickle cell disease, HIV, fibromyalgia, recurrent abdominal pain, headache, cancer, TMJ), or another chronic medical condition approved by the instructor. 

You will create a power-point presentation on the selected illness/disorder and empirically supported assessment and intervention protocols for that illness/disorder. As part of the presentation, you must also prepare a resource document (or slides) containing a minimum of five Internet resources that patients or family members might benefit from (including, but not limited to, social support sites, informational links, and/or other available patient resources). In addition, you must include an annotated bibliography of references related to empirically supported assessment and treatment of the selected chronic medical condition. This list should include the reference (in APA format) followed by a short description of the content and relevance of the source selected.