Icebreaker | Marketing homework help

Decision Focus:  Jeremy Moon is pondering the pros and cons of staying focused on the US and Europe versus broadening his attack to China.  Can he afford to and does he even need to take his focus off the US market? Has the time come for Icebreaker to enter the Chinese market?

Preparation Questions:

  1. Should Icebreaker enter the China market in 2007?  What are the “Whys” and “Why Nots” for entering China?
  2. How urgent is it for Moon to make a China entry decision? What are the “minimum launch criteria” and the “minimum 5-year objectives” that Moon should have to enter China in 2007?
  3. What makes Icebreaker “different” in the mind of the customer? Why do U.S. and European customers buy Icebreaker products? Why will customers in China?  (Note:  It might be helpful to assess who were Icebreaker’s core customers in 2001, in 2006, and who they will be in 2011.)
  4. What is the “the least” information Moon needs to make a decision?  How can he get that information?
  5. What has made Icebreaker successful in the past? What will make Icebreaker successful in the future?

These responses should reflect the material that is presented in the case, in the readings, and the opinions of the student when appropriate.  Briefs should be limited to three pages. should be from the text only.