I need help in english the discussion board, which includes 2


This includes watching a video from America Divided (2016) episodes-  

 The Class Divide episode 2 and The Epidemic episode 3.

*** Students will respond to the question below in an argument form. Ex: some say that poverty is an obstacle that one can easily overcome – I (agree, disagree, or agree with a difference). I say….
Then give your reason why.

Poverty does not mean just: no money, it can mean: lack of resources, high crimes rate, low paying jobs that cannot support a family (the Epidemic) the ability to look for other employment that will pay overtime (Home Economics), or being put in the criminal system at the age of six years old (A Class Divide). Poverty, is an umbrella term.

Question for Discussion board.
1. How has poverty been an obstacle or an unfair advantage for one of the films that you watched?