Green & sustainable design (mainly interior)

Select one of the Interior Design specialties (Kitchen and Bath design, Green design, etc.) that we discussed. Describe the specialty in depth, while explaining how and why one would pursue that particular specialty. Check in with me when you select a topic (no later than week 3). The following references are recommended: The course reference book, “Becoming an Interior Designer”. Design and architecture periodicals, such as Interior Design, Interiors, Architectural Record, Metropolis, Dwell, etc. Any material distributed and/or discussed in class. Interview or discussions with professional designers/architects. Internet searches. In discussing the topic. Try not to write in the first person—“I,” “me,” “my. This is not a personal story, rather the objective view of a topic. Remember, plagiarism (copying other’s work) is cheating and is illegal. Therefore, if quoting directly from a source (book, person, internet, etc.), be sure to include quotation marks and identify the source in your paper. The assignment must be typed and around 4 pages in length. Photos may be included, but will not be considered part of the 4 page length. Include a title sheet with the title, your name, date, instructor’s name, course name and number. Evaluation is based on content, that is, the extent of the exploration of the topic.