PART I: Critical thinking


1. How has HIV/AIDS affected the population distribution in Africa (especially Southern Africa)?


2. What social processes have driven such high rates of the epidemic and how might the spread of HIV/AIDS be contained in this area of the world?


3. Is AIDS a legacy of European Colonialism or is it more so a function of increased mobility in Africa during the 20th century?


4. Africa is the second biggest continent after Asia, but I don’t think many people realize just how big Africa really is. Look at the map on this link . What are your thoughts?






Directions: Prepare a graphically-rich and informative 10-slide PowerPoint Presentation based on the following scenario:


·         You are the President of the United States and are mediating the Arab-Israeli Conflict.  The leaders of both nations have come to the United States and are spending the entire week with you at Camp David, the Presidential Retreat.  Your goal is to solve the Arab-Israeli Conflict, once and for all.

·         The leaders of Israel and Palestine are both willing to concede to anything; however, Israel will not secede any land beyond what they already have; the land they current hold is theirs to keep.

·         Prepare the PowerPoint presentation that you and your Cabinet would present to these two world leaders.  In your PowerPoint, you should include:

o    At least 3 viable options to solve the Arab-Israeli Conflict; be sure to clearly describe the main points of each viable option

o    1 option that you feel will solve the Conflict and reasons for such

o    Clearly outline any concessions, steps, mandates, or other aspects that each country must do in order to solve the Conflict

o    How the option/agreement would be enforced

o    Be sure to briefly highlight some of the key historical events that have shaped the Conflict



Ensure that you use at least 4 scholarly references, which may include those read for week as well as the textbook, in your PowerPoint presentation.  

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