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Discussion 1



Analyzing a Quantitative Research Report

Read Gammon and Morgan-Samuel’s 2005 quantitative research report, “A Study to Ascertain the Effects of Structured Student Tutorial on Student Stress, Self-esteem and Coping.” which is attached below. Describe how this research report would be useful to a professional in higher education.

Discussion 2

Relevance of Research in Educational Practice


Share your thoughts on the multimedia piece titled Research and Relevance to the Field which is uploaded below. What is the most important concept you learned? What is the benefit to using research to inform your professional practice?

Be sure to support your responses with references from course readings or multimedia resources. Remember to use APA citations and references when referring to perspectives that are not your own.

Discussion 3

Using Research to Inform Professional Practice


Describe a strategy for determining whether a research report is relevant and useful to professional practice.



Gall, M. D., Gall, J. P., & Borg, W. R. (2015). Applying educational research: How to read, do, and solve problems of practice (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc