First Read This Article Which Describes Social Entrepreneurship And Social Busi

First, read this article, which describes social entrepreneurship and social business enterprise.

Next, you will read the article entitled, Social Business Enterprises – Maximising Social Benefits or Maximising Profits? The Case of Grameen-Danone Foods Limited Asad at – 

You shall also visit the following website to read more about Muhammad Yunus and his Nobel Peace Prize:

Part 1

Record any words from the article that you did not understand and look up their definitions.Next, describe how health and poverty are interconnected, and what exactly the Grameen-Danone Foods Limited company is doing to alleviate poverty and improve health conditions? How does this make them an SBE?

Minum of 200 words. Cite any references in apa format.

Part 2

Most businesses provide products or services that are helpful to people, such as cell phone companies, supermarkets, or automobile producing companies. How do you think social business enterprises are different from these? Please explain.

cite references in apa format.Minimum of 150 words.

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