Expectations for effective supervision | Philosophy homework help


The practice of ethical supervision is essential both for ensuring continued professional development and for protecting the well-being of clients. you will explore and discuss the perspective of the supervisor and supervisee in a supervisory setting, outlining their roles, differences, and then develop an infographic of what you found.  research the role of the supervisor and  research the role of the supervisee.

Begin by listing the responsibilities for each party (supervisor and supervisee) taking into consideration the following from their perspective: 

  • Professional preparedness
  • Informed consent
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Setting boundaries
  • Multiple roles and relationships

Next, compare notes and develop a visual aid or infographic depicting your consensus – i.e., what you agree to be the ideal dynamic between a clinical supervisor and their supervisee. Once you have created the depiction, create a presentation, including the visual aid, and provide narration outlining your major ideas.