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Word Chapter 4 Cumulative – Cattle


Project Description:

As a pre-veterinary major, you are assigned the task of creating a brief overview of livestock genomics, especially as the topic relates to cattle. You have completed a draft of the paper and submitted it for review by your instructor. Having made several comments, primarily regarding formatting, your instructor has returned it to you for completion. You will modify the format, add a cover page and a table of figures, and ensure that sources are properly acknowledged both in text and in a bibliography.


Start Word. Download and open   the file named Exp22_Word_Ch04_Cumulative_Cattle.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.


Click or display the Review tab and ensure that the view is All   Markup. Click or select the first edit in the right margin, indicating that   the words can foster were deleted.   Click or select Reject and Move to Next in the Changes group. Delete the words often fosters in the same paragraph.   Change the view to No Markup and ensure that the modified sentence reads correctly, with the   words can foster instead of often fosters. Change the view to   Simple Markup. Accept all changes and stop tracking.


Ensure that the writing style is   APA. Apply the following formatting to the whole document:

  Document is double-spaced.
  There is no paragraph spacing before or after any paragraph.
  Margins are 1″ at the top, bottom, left, and right.
  Alignment is left.


Click or navigate to before the   period that ends the second sentence in the second paragraph, ending with in beef cattle. Insert a citation to a   new source (Article in a Periodical) as follows:

  Corporate Author: Institute for Bovine Research
  Title: BRD   and Cattle: What You Should Know
  Periodical Title: Agriculture Today
  Year: 2023
  Month: October
  Day: 18   
  Pages: 26-34   


Click or navigate to before the   period that ends the first sentence on page 2, ending in is survived. Insert a citation to the United States Department of   Agriculture source. (On a Mac, click or select Citations on the References   tab and double-click or select the entry.)


Click or select the Institute for Bovine Research parenthetical   citation shown in the second paragraph on page 1. Edit the citation to   include page 31.


Click or navigate to after the   period that ends the fourth sentence in the last paragraph on page 2, ending   in and exhibit symptoms. Ensure   that the insertion point is after the period. Insert a footnote that reads A diagnosis   of BRD will be confirmed by attending veterinarians. (Include the period.)


Modify the footnote style to   include 12 pt Times New Roman font.


Insert a blank page at the end of the report and insert a   bibliography, selecting the Works Cited option.


Change the Works Cited heading   on the new page to References. Center the heading. 


Select all text in the   bibliography, including the heading, and change the font to 12 pt Times New   Roman. Line spacing should be double, and there should be no paragraph   spacing. Ensure that the heading is Black, Text 1 and not bold.


Double-click in or select the   header area and change Name to Agrawal. Close the header.


Insert a blank page at the   beginning of the document. Click at or navigate to the top of the new page.   Click or display the References tab. Click or select Insert Table of Figures in the Captions group. Change   the Caption label to Table and   change the format to Distinctive. Click or select OK.


Insert a blank page before the   Table of Figures. Click at or navigate to the top of the blank page and   insert text from Cover.docx. Change   Student Name to Sherry Agrawal.


Find an occurrence of Bovine Respiratory Disease in the   document, select it, and choose to mark all entries for inclusion in an   index. Similarly, mark all entries of genomic   and pathogen as index entries.   Create an index on a separate page after the bibliography using the Fancy   format. Use all other default settings.


Scroll to page 3 and mark the   comment related to formatting the report as a research paper as resolved. (On   a Mac, right-click the comment and select the Resolve option.) Reply to the   comment on page 4 with the text Does a table of figures include a title?


Check spelling and grammar. Virome is not misspelled and qRT is correct. Ignore all grammatical   errors.


Save and close Exp22_Word_Ch04_Cumulative_Cattle.docx. Exit Word. Submit the file as   directed.