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 Exp19_Word_Ch01_ML1 – Water 1.2 

Word Chapter 1 Mid-Level 1 – Water 

 Exp19 Word Ch01 ML1 Water 1.2 


Project Description:

Your student organization has adopted the cause of supplying clean drinking water to developing nations as a fundraising effort. You design an informational handout, formatting a draft document so that it is attractive and informative.


Start Word. Download and open the file named Exp19_Word_Ch01_ML1_Water.docx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename.


Change the   orientation to Portrait. Display nonprinting characters. Delete the first two   lines (Water for Life and Changing Lives Daily).


Change margins to   Moderate. Insert a page break at the beginning of the document.


At the beginning of   the document, insert text from Title.docx.


Insert a footer   containing a page number. The page number should be placed at the Current   Position and as a Plain Number. Ensure that the footer does not show on the   first page. Close the footer.
  Note, Mac users, insert the default page number in the footer, aligned to the   left.


Insert the word adversely   between   the word that and the word affect in the first line of the second   page. Ensure that a space precedes and follows the inserted word. Replace the   words As long as in the second   paragraph on the second page with the word When.


Use the thesaurus to   replace the word reliable in the   third paragraph on the second page with a synonym beginning with the letter d.


Add Flyer   for Water for Life in the Comments box in Document Properties.


Insert a header. Type   Subject: and press SPACEBAR. Include the contents of the   Comments section in Document Properties. Use the Quick Parts command on the   Header & Footer Tools Design tab to include the information. Close the   header.
  Note, Mac users, use the Field button to add the Comments to the header.


Check spelling and   correct any errors that are identified.


Check for   accessibility, correcting for any alerts that are shown.


Save and close Exp19_Word_Ch01_ML1_Water.docx. Exit   Word. Submit the file as directed.