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Exp19_PowerPoint_Ch02_ML2 – Education 1.1

Exp19 PowerPoint  Ch02 ML2 Education 1.1

PowerPoint Chapter 2 Mid-Level 2 – Education


Project Description:

The local senior citizens’ center asked you to speak on your recent trip to Peru. You will create a presentation on the obstacles the children face preventing them from obtaining any formal education beyond sixth grade. The goal of the presentation is to gather monetary support for the children.


Start PowerPoint. Download and   open the file named Exp19_PPT_Ch02_ML2_Education.pptx. Grader has automatically added your   last name to the beginning of the filename.


Click the Title Layout slide and   type Children   of Peru as the   title on Slide 1. Replace the subtitle with Tom Davis.


Click Slide 2. Type Major   obstacles as   the title text. Modify the three bullets in the content placeholder as: Food   availability, Water   sanitation, Basic hygiene   Then add a   fourth bullet: Health care 


Click Slide 3 and type Obstacles   Prevent Education as   the title. Insert the shape Rectangle: Rounded Corners. Size the width and   height to 2.5″. Position it horizontally at 1.92″ from the Top Left   Corner. Position it vertically at 3.00″ from the Top Left Corner. Type Lack of basic   needs in the   shape.
Note, Mac users, insert the Rounded   Rectangle shape.  


Insert a second shape Rectangle:   Rounded Corners. Size the width and height to 2.5″. Position it horizontally at 9.33″ from   the Top Left Corner. Position it vertically at 3″ from the Top Left   Corner. Type Educated children in the shape.
Note, Mac users, insert the Rounded   Rectangle shape.


Add an Arrow: Right (from Block   Arrows). Set the height to 0.75″ and the width to 2.83″. Position it horizontally at 4.75″ from   the Top Left Corner. Position it vertically at 4.08″ from the Top Left   Corner.


Add a Line shape. Set the height   to 3.33″ and the width to 5 pt. Position it horizontally at 7.83″   from the Top Left Corner. Position it vertically at 2.56″ from the Top   Left Corner.


Click Slide 4. Type Daily   Activity as the   title text. 


Insert the downloaded video, Education.mp4. Apply the Beveled   Rounded Rectangle style (under Moderate) to the video. Add a Light Blue   (Standard colors) border. Set the video option to start automatically. 


Click the last slide and type Please help as the title. Type Your   contribution would mean so much to the children in the text box on the right   and increase the font size to 24. Insert the downloaded image, Peru.jpg in the picture placeholder.


Insert the downloaded audio   file, Contribution.m4a. Drag the   speaker icon to the top right of the slide. Set the audio option to start   automatically and to hide during the show.


Save and close the file Exp19_PPT_Ch02_ML2_Education.pptx.   Exit PowerPoint. Submit the file as directed.