Executive report | Accounting homework help

Prepare a report for executive management describing how the acquisition can be financed.  The information is to be taken from the past 2 weeks assignments possible. 


Possible outline also attached.  No Plagarism and current resources.  Graduated level paper



Outline of a Performance Test Paper


The entire process of implementing a performance test relies on a well calculated and designed framework. This framework is the outline that indicates the order of arrangement of various sections and procedures of how the test is run. Therefore, the following is an outline of how the test process has been structured in the paper.


Paper Introduction


This section introduces the process of conducting a performance test as well as giving necessary recommendations.


Value of Operations


The section contains calculations of the company’s future cash flows and value in terms of profitability.


Exhibit 1


I gives an evaluation of the numbers taken from SEC.gov directly from the 10K of Krispy Kreme.


It also has an evaluation of the weighted cost of capital from the figures


Exhibit 2: Values10 K of Crispy Kreme


Calculation of the value of the weighted average cost of capital


Determination of intrinsic value based on the free cash flows of the business


Determination of market Krispy Kreme


Exhibit 3:


Determination of intrinsic value from the company’s 10K documents


Determination of the market value


Exhibit 4:


Determination of the market value of the business as per the data in the exhibit


Introduction to book value of the business and the and how they are structured


Exhibit 5:


Calculation of the book value of the business


Explanation of how financing the acquisition is done


Exhibit 6:


Determination of the price range for products in the company


Exhibit 7:


Determination of the rate of return/ offer price




Come up with a conclusion illustrating the expected outcomes that will arise due Dunkin’ Donut’s acquisition of Krispy Kreme.