Excel_8e_seafood_inventory | Computer Science homework help



Project Description:

In this project, you will use the moving average tool for Joe Flores, manager of the Dallas region, who wants to analyze the fluctuation in the quantity of shrimp that is used at the four Dallas restaurants and determine the projected break-even point for the year. 


Open the Excel workbook Student_Excel_8E_Seafood_Inventory.xlsx   downloaded with the Project.


Ensure that the Analysis ToolPak   is enabled. On the Moving Average worksheet, insert a Moving Average using   the range A5:AB5 as the Input Range. Type 4 as the Interval and use cell A6 as the Output   Range. Select only the Chart Output   check box; do NOT select the Labels in First Row check box.


Position the chart between cells   C8 and Z29, keeping the chart slightly inside the cell borders.


Edit the Vertical (Value) Axis   Title to Bags of Shrimp Used. Edit the Horizontal (Category) Axis Title to Four-Week   Period


To display the days of the week   as the Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels, at the bottom of the chart, point   to any of the data points, and then click one time to select the axis. From   the Design tab, display the Select Data Source dialog box, and then edit the   Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels by selecting the range A4:AB4; click OK two   times.


To plot the Forecast series on a   secondary axis, on the chart, point to the Series “Forecast” line,   double-click the line to display the Format Data Series pane, and then plot   the series on the Secondary Axis. 


Format the Chart Area and the   Plot Area with a Solid fill. As the Color, in the eighth column, click the   second color. Format the range D6:AB6 with the Comma [0] cell style.


Display the Projected Income   worksheet. In cell C3, construct a formula that takes the previous month’s   sales in cell B3 and multiplies it by 110% to determine a growth rate of 10%   shown in B13 (1+$b$13). Copy the formula across to cell M3. Copy the formula   in cell B9 across to cell M9.


To create a line chart with a   second series, select the nonadjacent ranges A2:M3 and A9:M9, and then insert   the first Line chart style.


Change the Chart Title to Expected   Break-Even Point


Position the chart between cells   B15 and M36, keeping the chart slightly inside the cell borders.


Double-click a value on the   vertical axis, and then in the Format Axis pane, display the Axis Options.   Set the Minimum bounds to 150000 and the Maximum to 500000 to provide more vertical space on the chart to show a more   dramatic slope.


Format both the Plot Area and   the Chart Area with a Solid fill. As the Color, in the fifth column, click   the second color.


Deselect the chart. Select all   the sheets, and then display the Page Setup dialog box. Insert a custom   footer in the left section that includes the file name, and then center the   worksheets horizontally. On the ribbon, set the Orientation to Landscape, and   scale the Width to 1 page.


Display the document properties.   As the Tags, type Dallas, seafood inventory and as the Subject, type your   course name and section number.


Ensure that the worksheets are   in this order: Moving Average, Projected Income. Save and close the file and   then submit for grading.