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Project Description:

In this Project, you will assist Ann Takei, Internship Coordinator, in tracking the number of internships by industry at each Job Fair. You will insert and format sparklines, a line chart, SmartArt graphics, and a funnel chart. You will also create a template to use for travel expenses.


Open   the Excel workbook Student_Excel_6G_Internships_Travel.xlsx downloaded with this project.


On the Internships by Industry   worksheet, select the range B4:F10, and then use the Quick Analysis tool to   insert Line Sparklines in the range G4:G10.

  (Mac users: Use the Insert Line Sparkline command on the Insert tab.)



Format the Sparklines to show   the High Point and the Last Point. From the sparkline Style gallery, in the   first row, apply the second style.


By using the data in the ranges   A3:F3 and A7:F7, insert a Line with Markers chart for the internships   available in the Technology industry. Position the chart so that the upper   left corner of the chart aligns with the upper left corner of cell A13.


Change the chart title to Internships   Available in Technology


Edit the Vertical (Value) Axis   to set the Minimum to 35 and the Major unit to 5, if necessary.


Format the Plot Area with a   Solid fill—in the last column click the second color. Format the Chart Area   with a Solid fill—in the last column, click the fourth color.


Insert a Linear Trendline and   change the width of the line to 2.5 pt. Click cell A1 to deselect the chart.   Close any displayed Format panes.


On the List Chart worksheet,   insert a SmartArt graphic using the Pyramid List style. Position the SmartArt   so that the upper left corner of the graphic aligns with the upper left   corner of cell A3.


In the SmartArt, type Paid in the top text box. Type Work-Study in the second text box, and   type Unpaid in the last text box.


Apply the Inset 3-D SmartArt   style to the graphic. Change the colors to Colored Fill – Accent 1. Click   cell A1 to deselect the graphic. On the Funnel Chart worksheet, by using the   data in the range A3:B5, insert a Funnel chart. Apply the third chart style.   Change the Chart Title to Internship Types Awarded
  Position the upper left corner of the chart in the upper left corner of cell   A7.


Change the Shape Width of the   chart to 4.5” Apply a Solid line 3 pt border—as the color, in the color gallery, in the   fifth column, click the first color. Click cell A1 to deselect the chart.   Display the Save As dialog box. In the Save as type box, click the arrow, and   then change the file type to Excel Template. Navigate to your Excel Chapter 6   folder. Using your own name, as the File name type Lastname_Firstname_6G_Internships_Travel_Template and click Save.

  Display the Travel Expenses worksheet. In cell H22 enter a formula that will   add the contents of the range H15:H21. Apply the Total cell style to cell   H22.


Select the ranges D8:D10 and   A15:G21, and then remove the Locked formatting from the selected ranges.   Protect the worksheet using the default selections and the password goseries Click cell A1.


Display the Save As dialog box,   navigate to your Excel Chapter 6 folder, change the file type to Excel   Workbook, and then using your own name, as the File name type Lastname_Firstname_6G_Internships_Travel. This is the file you will   submit for grading.

  Select all of the sheets, display the Page Setup dialog box, and then insert   a Custom Footer with the file name in the left section. Center the sheets   horizontally.

  Display the document properties; as the Tags type travel template and as the Subject, type your   course name and section number. Be sure your name displays as the author.   Display the print preview, examine your worksheets for any errors or changes.   On the left, click Save to save your workbook and redisplay the Excel window.


Click the Internships by   Industry sheet tab to make it the active worksheet and to ungroup the   worksheets. Ensure the worksheets are in this order: Internships by Industry,   List Chart, Funnel Chart, Travel Expenses. Save and close the file   Lastname_Firstname_6G_Internships_Travel, and then submit for grading.