Ethics in diverse hiring practices


This week’s readings have dealt with the important issues of ethics, diversity, and social responsibility. Many people consider these issues to be inter-related or overlapping aspects of doing business in the 21st century. An organization’s diverse stakeholders can, and generally do, have diverse opinions and varied expectations concerning what constitutes ethical behavior and socially responsible management.

Consider the case “Men Enlist in Fight for Gender Equality”, (pp. 115-116).

By Day 7

Submit a 300- to 700- word paper which answers all of the following questions:

  • Why is Mike Kaufmann leading the women’s networking group at Cardinal Health?
  • What have some male managers learned from participating in Catalyst’s initiative for middle and top managers to understand the challenges faced by women in the workplace?
  • What are some of the potential advantages of having lead corporate diversity efforts?
  • What are some of the potential disadvantages of having an employee who represents the predominant workplace demographic (for example gender, age, or ethnicity) lead corporate diversity efforts?

Please support your opinion.

Application Assignments must be in AWE style and format. APA Style