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  • IS/IT infrastructure analysis

    I got ‘B’ %64, the instructor feedback was “‘Project initiation and selection is the first stage of the project management life cycle not system development.’ the submission touched on some of the issues that would affect the company in its decision to upgrade vs developing new architecture such as new user interface, future capabilities, customization and maintenance. In order to have earned an A, you would need to have a deeper discussion surrounding the issues. Additionally, your discussion around the

  • Beginning new IS/IT projects from a systems viewpoint

    I got ‘C’, Instructor feedback was “For the DQ on brainstorming you were asked to ‘critically examine, from a systems viewpoint, the role of brainstorming sessions in developing new IS/IT project ideas. Suggest, and support, any alternative approaches’. While you did discuss brainstorming, there was no critical reflection, and it didn’t develop into a discussion with any depth. You mentioned ‘artificial outsiders’ and ‘dispersed group’ but what are their characteristics and how does it impact systems thin

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  • Basic Media schedules // EXCEL WORK

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  • Project Plan and Subsidiary Annexes

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    Received a poor grade. Research in paper was way off. Teacher stated that they understood criteria but professor comments said otherwise. Despite that; this teacher has been good in the past so I am giving 3 stars rather than 1. I will however point out Paper was submitted on time.

  • DBMS Assignment

    Paid USD100 for an assignment work, yet got a FAIL grade. This guy convinced me that he is really good on the topic. He gave me a date, when he could deliver finished work but after waiting over Three more days finally I sent him an email. Then again I sent another two emails but got No reply from him. Instead got an email from homeworkmarket that there is an answer available from me. I received some work and I submitted it. When I got feedback from my lecturer then I learnt that
    1) Report wasn’t even Comp

  • Theories and Theorists Paper

    I paid for a “D”. My professor pretty much called me an idiot for this work. Below are her comments:
    I can tell that you were trying to find two theories relevant to public administration and emergency management. Unfortunately, most of this paper does not meet the criteria for a well researched, analyzed, and written paper. I have started to edit your paper and left specific comments and corrections for you. You may want to schedule time with the Writing Center to seek assistance with researching, anal

  • Strategic Change Paper

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  • discussion Question 2

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  • Discussion Question

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