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One page Post about the Economic Legal post of Lebanon. I attached the on example as well, in which the country is Isarel. But my country is Lebanon.

Due in 3-4 Hours. 

 EVERY blog post needs to: (1) have at least one (more is better!) hyperlink to a related, outside source/story (needs to open up in a new window); (2) have at least one (more is better!) high-quality image related to the post; (3) have appropriate headings (for cases: Summary-Issue/Problem-Alternative Solutions-Recommended Action-Personal Takeaway, and for current events: Summary-Tie to Class-Personal Reaction); (4) use at least 4-size font; (5) not be right justified; and (6) since it is a relatively lasting digital artifact with your name on it, it should be nice to look at, easy to read, and contain no writing, grammar, or spelling errors.