Econ And Sports Class U Decide How Many Resourcesuse 2 Word Doc To Upload Each O

econ and sports class u decide how many resourcesuse 2 word doc to upload each one, part 1 need answer 1 page, and part 2 need answer 1 page, sign each question number of answer  

There are 2 parts to this discussion. Answer with knowledge and references from the text or outside articles

I am watching the same people win medals and thinking about other sports .part 1:1. Is Competitive Balance gone from the Olympics.

2.Football and several other sports have salary caps to maintain team balance. Why not put a maximum amount an athlete can spend on training for the Olympics.

part 23. The Presidents have term limits. What about Olympic athletes . Don’t let people compete in more than 2 Olympics.

4.I also would like to see the minimum age of competitors raised to 19. Does a 14 year old really have free choice? Did she/he really want to give up a normal childhood to “train”

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