Easy – software engineering class questions

Answers are on google, easy to search, just write it in ur own words.

Must finish in 4 hrs.

  • List three principles that should be applied when building any user interface.
  • What framework activities are completed when following an evolutionary (or spiral) user interface development process?
  • List four interface design issues present in the development of most user interfaces.
  • What are the primary design objectives of a WebApp interface?
  • What elements of a user interface design can be evaluated without building a working computer prototype?
  • List the characteristics of effective design patterns.
  • What do architectural patterns contribute to the design process?
  • What do component-level design patterns contribute to the design process?
  • Define the terms “design focus” and “granularity” in the context of WebApp design patterns?
  • Describe practices that enable designers to think about using patterns.