Each question 100 words briefly describe what a risk assessment is

 each question 100 words 

  1. Briefly describe what a risk assessment is for.?
  2. List four sources of Risk.?
  3. Assume you’re a Private Security professional sent to perform a risk assessment at an apartment complex. What are five things you would look at to help you determine if any vulnerabilities exist.?
  4. Describe security features/measures you would recommend to reduce/mitigate vulnerabilities to increase the level of security. ?
  5. Describe what’s a threat assessment and how it helps conduct a risk assessment. ?

What to remember about this chapter:

Understand the elements of a security vulnerability self-assessment. Why is this a useful tool?

Understand and be able to explain risk.

Understand risk management activities.

Know the different types of risk a security manager needs to assess.

Know internal & external risk. In addition, how it affects an organization.

Understand the threats affecting critical infrastructure.

Security Professionals at all kinds of organizations have many things in common but one at the top of the list is Risk Assessment. It basically drives all short, and long-range planning. It’s the tool used to Identify the threat, what vulnerabilities exist and the plan prevent/mitigate. Once the organization knows what they need to do the cost to execute prevention measures can be determined. Govern