E20-2b (computation of pension expense) mccaw company provides the

E20-2B (Computation of Pension Expense) McCaw Company provides the following information about its defined-benefit pension plan for the year 2014.

Service cost                                                                          $ 210,000

Contribution to the plan                                                         263,000

Prior service cost amortization                                               35,000

Actual and expected return on plan assets                       123,000

Benefits paid                                                                           220,000

Plan assets at January 1, 2014                                       1,440,000

Projected benefit obligation at January 1, 2014          1,800,000

Accumulated OCI (PSC) at January 1, 2014                   325,000

Interest/discount (settlement) rate                                              9%


Compute the pension expense for the year 2014.