Due tomorrow…. chapter summaries…. please read

this assignment is due tomorrow……. no late work….. must have done by tomorrow…… Do chapter review summary for chapter 5, 6 and 7.

Please use the attachment to do the chapter review summaries. Each chapter must have a different summary.  For example if you use option A for chapter 5 then you can not use the same option for chapter 6 or 7. 

Based on The Art of Awareness Chapter 5, 6 AND 7

Choose one way to respond to the chapters from the following list.  The top of your paper should clearly label to what chapters you are responding and which method you are using to respond.  You need to choose a different response type for each reading response.

A) What do you value and appreciate from each of these chapters? What concepts/ideas could you personally apply as an early childhood educator?  What concepts/ideas is still unclear or fuzzy?  OR

B) Simply show an outline of the chapters  OR

C) Describe two concepts from each of the chapters and how you now understand them in context to your own childhood experiences. (6 concepts total)

D) Do any ONE of the practice activities described in each of the chapters. (3 practice activities total)

The top of your paper should look like this……

Reading Response #2:    Based on The Art of Awareness Chapters 5, 6 and 7

Response Type B (or whatever you choose!!)