Dr. strangelove critique and cold war conclusion comparison

 Need in 6 hours and must in APA format. 

Compose a 5- to 7-page document in which you;

  • Critique the accuracy of Dr. Strangelove to actual events based on your knowledge of what happened prior to and during the Cold War.
  • Compare events depicted in Dr. Strangelove to how events are depicted in Cold War Conclusion.
  • Answer the following questions in your critique and comparison:
  • If what is portrayed in the movie had actually happened, how do you think it would’ve effected the outcome of the Cold War?
  • How did the actual conclusion of the Cold War affect the relationship between the United States and countries in Europe?
  • Would this relationship be different if the events depicted in Dr. Strangelove really happened?

Cite a minimum of three scholarly resources in your work.