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Week 4: Discussion- Planning is futuristic, involves decision making and is dynamic/continuous. 

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All planning whether strategic or operational has three distinct attributes no matter where or when it occurs.   Planning is futuristic, involves decision making and is dynamic/continuous

  • Planning is futuristic
    • Anticipates what will be required of HSOs/HSs and their component parts in the future
  • Planning involves decision-making
    • Determining what is to be done and when, where, how, and for what purposes requires that alternatives be evaluated, decisions made, and resources allocated
  • Planning is dynamic and continuous
    • Planned organizational activities are affected by future events
    • They are also affected by internal and external environmental forces

For this discussion, briefly explain how each of the three attributes were actualized as a planning activity using examples from your own work or volunteer experiences.  The examples you use need not necessarily be connected to a health care organization.

2 paragraph with minimum 300 words