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 Intro week, discussion forum questions



  1. What message or story do you think the Carters were trying to communicate in their music video, “Apes**t”? Answer this question based only on the images from the video; do not talk about the lyrics.
  2. What message or story do you think the Carters were trying to communicate with the lyrics of their song, “Apes**t”? Answer this question based only on the lyrics; do not talk about the images from the video.
  3. Now, think about both the video and the lyrics. When you combine the visual evidence from the video and the textual evidence from the lyrics, what message or story do you think they were trying to communicate?
  4. Choose either the first or the second set of Minoan artifacts from lecture 2 (not the Carters’ video) and answer the following questions: what do you think is going on in this set of artifacts? Who are the people represented and what are they doing? What can these artifacts tell us about the Minoans?

Specs for discussion forum answers:

  1. Length: 100 words per answer
  2. Quotations: No more than 5 words can be quoted in your combined discussion forum answers and replies for the entire module
  3. Content: Thorough grasp of assigned materials, thoughtful reflection on discussion questions, and specific details from assigned materials to support each answer
  4. Completion: Only answers found in your first post in each discussion forum will be graded
  5. Plagiarism: Both paraphrasing plagiarism and outside source plagiarism will result in a zero
  6. Grammar: A good-faith effort to write in complete sentences with proper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation
  7. Subject line: last name, module X
  8. Formatting: Each question answered in a separate paragraph, in the order which the questions are listed. See requirements handout for details on what you need to do if you are cutting and pasting your answers from another file into Blackboard