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There has been ample news coverage of the Orlando terrorist attack this past summer and the behavior of the shooter Omar Mateen.

  1. Read or watch news coverage from several mainstream news sources, such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC; New York Times. FB memes aren’t acceptable sources of information. 
  2. Then look through the DSM-5 and speculate if Mateen qualifies for a mental health diagnosis. You’re not expected to be as accurate as a licensed psychologist. It is quite common for psychologists to write “R/O” for “rule out” a particular diagnosis. This practice indicates that there is some indication of a particular disorder, however there may not be enough evidence yet to use the diagnosis. Students may also find the section on “defense mechanisms” from Nevid et al. to be useful as well.
  3. Defense Mechanisms aren’t DSM diagnoses, but nonetheless may be helpful in understanding Mateen.
  4. Explain the diagnoses which you select.
  5. Cite your sources by including web address for news sources, although complete APA format isn’t required.
  6. Hate speech about LGBT persons or Islam will not be tolerated.
  7. Closes September 8th