Discussion 8 (e-commerce) | Computer Science homework help

300 words+
Evan Moskowitz has formed an Internet training company called Teach-U-Comp to sell computer programming courses online. Each course costs $65, and students receive continuing education units (CEUs) based on the duration of the course and its level of difficulty. Evan expects to sell about 100 courses each month during his first few years in operation. He would like to accept credit and debit cards as payment for the courses. Evan is busy creating the online content and installing the course delivery software, so he hired you to investigate payment processing options for the site. Use your favorite search engine to identify three companies that process credit card payments for Web sites that sell downloadable digital products (such as Evan’s courses). Examine the processing services offered and fees charged by these three companies and choose one that you believe would be best for Teach-U-Comp. Write a 300-word report in which you summarize your findings. In the conclusion to your report, clearly state which company you would recommend to Evan and explain why.