Discussion 4 business and society


1 Discuss a prominent environmental or sustainability practice employed by your selected company. If your company does not have them, provide information on a company that you believe has been forward thinking and successful in their efforts. How have their policies impacted the company, society, and the environment?

2. Thinking about the company your selected company, discuss questions, concerns or any enthusiasm you may have regarding one of these areas that is changing due to technological advance. (My company cannot be amazon)

3.hare a recent or current event in which a business or government failed to protect consumers. What were the failures? Who were the victims? What can or could be done to prevent such failures in the future? Do your findings change the way you will support the company in the future?

  • You are encouraged to share resources that introduce or illuminate the event.

4. What is your selected company’s stance on diversity?

  • If you were starting a business that required you to hire new personnel, would diversity be a priority? How important would it be to you on a list of other considerations? Explain.

5 Watch Inside The Collapse (Part One).

After watching the videos, discuss how this financial crash impacted you, your family, a career from which you may have been laid off, or someone you know who was affected.