Discussion 3- executing the project

When acquiring resources and preparing to implement a project, team members can or will take on one of two roles: “Supportive Roles” or “Destructive Roles”.  The project manager must be cognizant of both types of roles, so he/she can manage them.  

The simulation exercises in this course are done as teams(Assume there are 4 team members in the project). State the team number assigned to you, the names of your team members, and the method(s) your team have decided to collaborate for the simulation decisions. When was the last date and time you met with your team members? If you have team members that are taking more of a ‘descrictive role’ or ‘non-supportive role,’ how do you plan on managing that?


Title: Project Management 

ISBN: 9780134730332 

Authors: Pinto 

Publisher: Pearson 

Edition: 5TH 19