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Disability Law Brochure


Description: Understanding the laws and regulations for providing services to students with disabilities is critical for working in the K-12 setting. Sharing information and resources with educators, parents, community members, and other stakeholders is often the responsibility of the teacher.

Directions: You will design a brochure that includes the following sections:

· Purpose of the brochure

· Overview of IDEA and its components

· Overview of Section 504 and ADA 

· Resources at federal, state and local levels – minimum of two at each level

The brochure should be prepared using Microsoft Publisher or a similar software program. 

Mastered performance is evidenced by   detailed purpose statement presented in brochure.

 Mastered performance is evidenced by a detailed discussion of IDEA and its components included in brochure. 

 Mastered performance is evidenced by a detailed discussion of Section 504, ADA, and their implications for instruction. 

 Mastered performance is evidenced by the identification of at least 2 federal, state, and local resources. 

 Mastered performance is evidenced by effective organization, font, and illustrations appropriate to the subject of the brochure.