Databases and system architecture discussions

Answer all discusion topics



  • Discuss different types of cables and the advantages/disadvantages of each type:
    • twisted pair
    • coaxial cable
    • fiber-optic.
  • Which one you found to be the best and why?

Developing a User-Friendly Model


A database is a model of a user’s view of the world. We must ask ourselves “How well does it fit the mental models of the people who are going to use the system?” Discuss why it’s important that the model fits the user requirements, even if the developer “knows better.”


System Architecture


Grosch’s Law states that computer hardware power, as measured by the number of instructions processor can execute in a fixed time interval, increases in proportion to the square of hardware cost. Is the law true and valid at present? Why or why not? Make sure to provide examples. Justify your response.


Discuss in details the difference between an application program and a systems program? Make sure to provide examples to justify your response.