Data exercise-3: critical discourse analysis

This data exercise requires you to choose an animated Disney movie and analyze it utilizing critical discourse analysis. Your learning from Module on Discourse Analysis and Critical Discourse Analysis will help you to conduct necessary analysis.You will primarily examine the way societal power relations are reflected and reinforced through language use (verbal or nonverbal means) in your chosen animated movie. You will pay special attention to issues of power asymmetries, and structural inequalities that has been explicitly or implicitly portrayed in the movie.

When watching the movie pay attention to the following:

-Language choices concerning accent use

-More specifically the use accents to express the nature of the characters

-Language-based stereotypes

-Gender roles and/or stereotypes

-Ethnic or racial-based stereotypes

-Pay attention to word use, nonverbal cues (clothing, colors, body postures, gestures, etc.), who is the main character, the ones that holds power, the ones that represent kindness, etc.

Your research report will be 3-4 pages at minimum. 11 or 12-inch, 1 inch margins, double-spaced. Report will include the following:

-Introduction (You can use the articles assigned for this module here)-1 paragraph

-Analysis and discussion of the findings (use excerpts from the movie to support your arguments and findings, cite articles assigned for this module in these paragraphs, each source needs to be cited one time at minimum)- Multiple paragraphs

-Conclusion- 1 paragraph