Customer info with the following columns

1. Customer_Info, with the following columns: CustomerID, Name, Email, Income, State

2. Product_Customer_Info, with the following columns: TransactionID, Name, Email, Product_Purchased, Income, State, Purchase_date

3. Product_Info, with the following columns: ProductID, Product_Name, Price

4. Sales_Info, with the following columns: CustomerID, ProductID, StoreID, Quantity, Purchase_dateThe question is:

Let’s define “Top Purchaser” as the customer(s) who have the highest number of visits/transactions (count of lines). In how many different months did the top purchaser(s) made a purchase in total? Note that there could be more than 1 top purchaser.e.g. if the top purchasers made a purchase on only 2 months each, but the months they made a purchase on were different – E.g., Top Purchaser A made a purchase on May & June, Top Purchaser B made a purchase on July & August and Top Purchaser C made a purchase on August & September – then the answer will be 5 (May, June, July, August, and September).The answer of the query has to be the final number, not a list of months.