Cultural analysis project | Social Science homework help

Cultural Analysis Project (Due: Nov. 15, 2016)

This project is to help you apply what you have learned to a specific cultural artifact. It is strongly suggested that you use a chapter from Lindvall, Bounds and Lindvall (Divine film Comedy) as a model for completing this project. What you are to do is to identify a specific artifact for study: a film or series of films, a television series or specific program, a web site, social media, book or character from a book, a music video, a comic book, a theatrical play or some such cultural product. Just as was done in our text Divine Film Comedy. Then you are to critically analyze the chosen artifact. Specifically, I want you to pick texts or artifacts that you see as significant to our culture. You need a text (artifact) that make a noteworthy social comment or in some way has an important influence on our culture. The artifact chosen does not have to be Christian or religious in any overt way but needs to comment on religious thought, social values and beliefs of our society. You are then to analyze the artifact and reflect on what is being presented for public consideration. In doing so pay particular attention to the religious values and messages communicated to the public. You are to evaluate what is being presented in light of your understanding of the worldmany times in indirect ways. Perhaps one way of looking at this assignment is to ask: “What would the Gospel look like if this was all you had?” Examples of the kind of topics for the project can be seen not only in Divine film Comedy but also in such works as The gospel according to Peanuts and The gospel according to the world’s greatest superhero.