Crju ethics 300 word discussion


  1. PART 1 (10 pts): Read the Ethical Dilemma below and Post your Response to it first in terms of moral judgment, moral rules, and applicable ethical systems.
  2. PART 2 (10 pts): Then read ONLY ONE POST/POSTING by one of your classmates and critically respond to it in terms of moral judgment, moral rules, and applicable ethical system/s. Show whether you agree or disagree with your classmate’s Post. Support your position about why you agree or disagree with your classmate. Your Responses MUST be detailed.
  3. REMEMBER: This Discussion assignment is in two parts: PART 1 is your own response to the Ethical Dilemma below PART 2 is your Response to ONE POST by one of your classmates.



You are a parole officer who has a single mother with three hyperactive, attention deficit-disorder young children on your caseload.  She receives no support from her ex-husband. Her mother wants nothing to do with her or the children because she believes “God is punishing” the young mother. She works as a topless dancer but hates it.  She continues dancing because it pays the bills so well. You know she regularly smokes marijuana in an attempt to deal with stress.  Obviously, this is a violation of probation. However, if you file a violation report on her, she will go back to prison.  You know she is doing the best she can with her kids, is very involved with their school, and they are strongly bonded to her.  You worry about what will happen to the kids.  What would you do?

Ethical Judgment.

Moral Rules:               

Ethical Systems: