Creativity characteristics portfolio | Education homework help

DIRECTIONS: After reviewing the module resources and the readings, complete the following assignment. If necessary, consult additional research. 

For this assignment, you will design a Creativity Characteristics Portfolio for you and your students. Design a creative presentation using a tool of your choice.

  1. Identify positive characteristics of creativity related to (1) cognitive (2) personal (3) biographical characteristics. Have three to five per category. Think about the characteristics and how students will identify with these characteristics. 
  2. Find individuals (famous people, book characters, movie characters, etc.) who display these characteristics and provide examples of what they have done to showcase the characteristic. For example, Oprah is resilient. Oprah has withstood significant hardships and adversity in her life, but she went on to become the first female African American billionaire.
  3. Include research that supports the characteristics selected as important in creative individuals and 
  4. creativity development. Include in-text citations and a reference page at the end.


There is no single theory, definition, or identification of creativity or a creative person. Researches propose that creativity is an ability that is a combination of genetic and environmental factors. They have also identified characteristics that may be important in the development of creative potential. These include cognitive, personal, and biographical. Creative people can be distinguished by their values, temperament, motivations, and the way they think. Think for example of a creative musician you are familiar with. Then think of a creative mathematician, scientist, or physicist. They have varying characteristics such as risk-taking, independence, and curiosity. They can also have common patterns like motivation or task commitment. Since creativity manifests differently in people, we have no consistent or definitive way to assess or identify it. Therefore, we must look at and support the characteristics associated with creativity (Starko, 2022).

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