create a survey monkey questionnaire

In this lab activity, you’ll be referencing the Project Brief you created in Module 01.

Part I – Create a Survey Monkey Account

After completing your reading, be sure you have reviewed the lecture and screencasts on how to create an account on Survey Monkey. Remember, as an UX designer you’ll want to ask survey questions that will give you an insight to what people think about specific topics.

Part II – Create a Survey Monkey Questionnaire

After you have created a Survey Monkey account, please create a ten-question survey based on information you want to obtain from potential site visitors based on your Project Brief. In this assignment you’ll want to ask questions related to your Project Brief in Survey Monkey. For example if your Project Brief is about designing a website for an Ecommerce store that sells shoes you’ll want to ask questions that will help determine what types of shoes are popular, what colors are preferred, and how open people are buying shoes online.

The questionnaire should have five open-ended questions and five closed-ended questions. Detailed information about each question type can be found in this week’s lecture and screencasts.

After you have created your questionnaire copy the URL to your questionnaire and paste it in a Word document. In addition, write at least on paragraph that states your website’s objectives and how the questions on your survey will help you reach these objectives.

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.